High shcool cyberteams bootcamp

2nd annual

19. - 21. 4. 2024

UPJS education and training center
Danišovce (region Spišská Nová Ves)

Bootcamp is intended for high school students and teachers involved in the project Learn the basics of information security and educate your community.

The goal of the intensive training is building relationships among cyber teams and exchange of knowledge and experience. At the same time, the teams have an opportunity to try several practical workshops under the supervision of CSIRT-UPJS cybersecurity team members. And the well-known CyberGame cannot miss at this event.


Introduction of high school cyberteams and their activities
Teams' work evaluation
Incident response
Personal data protection
OSINT preparation
Digital evidence gathering
Social engineering
Pub quiz

Project support

The budget for the Summer School of Cybercrime covers the costs of student and lecturer accommodation, meals, and materials. We are grateful to our partners for their generous support, which helps us to make this program possible.